Neuro rehabilitation

Specialist rehabilitation services play a vital role in management of patients admitted to hospital by taking patients after their immediate medical and surgical needs have been met and maximizing their recovery and supporting safe transition back to the community .In doing so they reduce the burden on acute and front line services and indeed are critical component of the acute care pathway, without which patient outcomes will be compromised.

Aditya Neuro Rehabilitation programme is a bespoke rehabilitation plan developed collaboratively by our interdisciplinary therapy teams to maximise recovery and independence and reduce the effect of the condition on an individual’s cognitive , social, emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

The team works together to establish objectives, goal settings and lifestyle modification for the patient welfare. Guidance about vocational training and community activities complementing their hobbies and interests are also taken into consideration when designing the rehabilitation protocol. The main aim is to monitor, regulate and reduce the episodes of challenging or inappropriate obstacles encountered by the client/patient during the phases of rehabilitation.


We believe in providing community based services to support recovery at home. Our ability to support and care from the acute setting through the community ensures continuity of care and accurate transition between the services. Individuals who require longer term, complex care can receive the utmost rehabilitation at our centre.