Medical Tourism


Stay in a homely atmosphere and take your treatment in India, Enjoy more than 17 tourist places and take your treatments very economically.

AyurNaturo Yoga Center

Silence of the trees and mountains may be the most tempting promise our home stay can give the guests. Situated in the midst of the beautiful estate Neverland, our home stays expose you in to the virginity AMRC Physiotherapy Clinic, Medical Tourism, East Grinsteadof Wayanad forests. The estate surrounds the home stay with its unique atmosphere and green tone. The tourists can experience eco tourism in an organic way.

Home stay is a rare blend of modern and traditional architecture to match with the natural forest.
It has 3 well furnished double bed rooms with westernized washrooms, and an independent Honeymoon hut. Honeymoon hut is totally separated from the house and it gives privacy for the occupants. It has its own washroom and a balcony facing to the natural pond and a rooftop rest area. The guests can enjoy an exclusive living room with dining and a ready to cook kitchen. The bed rooms that are build with natural mud and clay comforts your urbanized skin and mind. The wooden roof ensures you perfect air-conditioning naturally. It's an organic experience, by all means.