Corporate Service

Corporate Service

We work with businesses to provide onsite physiotherapy service to meet your individual business requirements. Hands on physiotherapy will be provided to clients by a competent highly trained therapist . We offer a cost effective efficient services and are able to be flexible to ensure the service is convenient to meet individual client’s needs.

Our primary focus is on injury prevention with in the work place environment. The aim is to reduce sick leave due to injuries that can so easily be prevented and therefore increase your productivity.

  • Awareness Talks and Camps
  • Ergonomic Workplace Analysis
  • On site RSI Clinic
  • E-Fitness Training Programme

Cost Effective Employee Care

Ergonomic friendly workplace can save your pennies from your employees compensation claims. Not only that, it increases the productivity too. All we think is your benefit and profit. ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic has been providing corporate wellness solutions. We plan and customize tailor made flexible packages to suit the client’s requirements at a highly competitive rate. The most important and unique feature of our different health check-up packages are they are done at the clients place i.e. the offices where the employee actually works. So a great deal of hazard and time are saved on going to any distant clinic in a particular time and waiting in a long queue.

Awareness Talks & Camps

ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic help to prevent work related musculoskeletal injuries and hence we emphasize on spreading awareness among employees.

A General Awareness Talk on Healthy Computing will address the following topics:

  • Predisposing risk factors for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Prevention and intervention strategies for RSI

Chair and workstation adjustment (including demonstration)

  • Postural training
  • Exercise instruction for stretching and warm-ups
  • Early warning signs of RSI and when to seek medical help
  • Healthy Computing Workshop
  • Ergonomics in other professions
  • Back School
  • Ergonomics at home
  • Sleep and its importance
  • How to identify if stress has affected my life?
  • Silent Killers
  • Work related health issues during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Travel Ergonomics

Importance of having a good work station

  • Improved business performance.
  • Retention of valued staff.
  • Safe and healthy workplaces.
  • Better workplace relations.
  • Better staff morale